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New with a Surface Go and first time mobile hotspot with Visible plan


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Hi, this is my first attempt at real go anywhere (on Verizon network) computing.

After a slightly rough cell phone and mobile hotspot setup, Visible seems to do what I need. It's $10 more than my old service, allows mobile hotspot, has unlimited talk instead of 100 minutes and the unlimited data is supposed to be actually unlimited instead of throttled after 5gb.

I think the Surface Go (8-128) is going to be enough computer for me and not too much for me to leave at home.

So far the experience is positive.

I need to try doing all of the things I want to do with a computer to see if it can really be the device I use when I need more than a phone.
I have a Surface Pro 3 and starting to have issues with, so thinking of upgrading to Surface Go. I am going visit the Microsoft store on Friday to have them evaluate my SP3 and then check out the Surface Go. Any thoughts, please advise.


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On complex web sites like Disneyland, I notice a delay in clicks and on screen keyboard entry. I blame the website mostly but I'm glad I got the 8gb ram and I'm sure the SSD doesn't hurt.
I would do that same with 8 GB of ram. I have read some good reviews and think it may be a good upgrade from my SP3 that is starting to slow down.