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Bought my Surface RT 32gb yesterday. I wonder if I should return it and get a 64gb or a Pro because:

Hibernate - from what I've read here, I can't do this with RT. But maybe I can do this with RT 64gb? Or is this only with Pro? This is not really a big deal but it makes me think, maybe this is why I can't do the below too.

1. Blackberry - I can't install the Blackberry Desktop Manager to sync my bbry with RT. I've read that you can do it if you activate the .NET 3.5 Framework. But when I follow the instructions to do this, it does not appear, just like Hibernate above.

2. WD Passport - the app installed automatically but it does not recognize my Passport. One of the reasons why I got the 32gb is because of this. But if I can't access it, there's no point.

And it so tough to select a phrase to copy with my finger. Is a stylus a good solution?

Offering to save my password sometimes works, sometimes it does not.

It's hard to correct my wrong spellings with the right click. Is there a better way?

I still like it and am willing to work with it. Will spending a few more to get RT 64gb or Pro 64gb be my solution?


I think you should return it and buy it from the MS Store because they are giving the type or touch cover for free for any Surface RT purchase.

Yeah, should have purchased the 64GB, but you can always add a 64GB sd card to hold any additional data.

So is this a memory size issue? Will having a bigger memory size make me install Blackberry Desktop Manager and make me access my files in my WD Passport? It kinda does not make sense for why won't Hibernate and 3.5 Net not show up just because it's a 32gb?
You can only install apps from the apps store with the RT models, no matter if it's 32 or 64GB. I'm sure you already knew that. With that said, you wont be able to install any applications like the BB sw you're trying to install. If there's a hack or some sort out there that let's you, then you'll have to search for that.

As for the passport, Surface RT shouldn't have any issues on detecting any USB hard drives. I've plugged in plenty of different brands of HDs on my RT and they all worked fine.

Don't have an answer for the hibernate or .net questions, sorry.

You won't be able to install any desktop based software on the RT, it only supports applications from the App Store. You should be able to save files to your passport drive but it won't be able to install the built in software. Hibernate is not needed on the Surface RT as it supports the new Connected Standby (S0iX), this renders Hibernate obsolete.