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Hello folks, just joined the forum after several weeks of lurking and getting a well rounded education. I live in Cincinnati, OH and have been an avid computer near-geek since the TRS-80 was introduced. Also a ham radio operator since 1970 and air/ground radio operator in the USAF.

I have been in the mining industry for 38 years, mostly coal with an occasional venture into potash or phosphates. Can't complain much about it, mining has provided well for me and my family.

Currently I own an iPad 3 64gb which I use for reading, net surfing and email, both personal and company. Bought a used Surface Pro 128 and have it set up with Office 365 as a substitute for my employer provided laptop. The Pro travels well, much lighter than the laptop but it's a bear to read while reclined or lying in bed.

Yesterday I bought a Surface RT and spent 2 hours getting it updated to Windows 8.1. All the Office apps work well for me on the RT, especially PowerPoint and Outlook which I depend on for work related activities. Reading ebooks is about the same as my iPad so no trade offs there.

So my 128gb Pro is for sale, PM me for details and price.

Many thanks to all the valuable knowledge shared by the users here, especially regarding external battery packs. I have the PC26000 and am ready to build a Surface cable when I find the right sized coaxial connector to fit the battery pack. Two trips to Radio Shack has not been a positive experience, even when taking the pack with me.

Best regards,
Welcome to the site. If you haven't sold your Pro yet, there is a marketplace forum on android dot net, where you can post an ad.