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Newbie with on screen keyboard problem / issue...


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Just got my Surface RT last week. Really in love with what it can do - however...

While in the desktop mode I noticed that clicking (or touching) into a text box or even the web address box of IE does not automatically bring up the on screen keyboard. I must go down to the task bar and tap the keyboard icon to open it - then, when finished, I must tap it again to close.

In other operating system I've used (x86 windows 8.1 or Android) the virtual on screen keyboard just seems to sense or know when it was needed and automatically opens up.

Is there just some setting parameter in some underlying menu I'm missing that once selected will allow the on screen keyboard to open when I click or touch into a text box or the IE address box or must I have to manually open the keyboard every time I want to type in a text box or address box . That just seems so clumsy and inefficient to me especially since I know it work differently in other major operating systems.

Anyway, the very reason I joined this forum was to pose potentially dumb questions like this one and perhaps get back some brilliant answer and resolution.


Thanks in advance!



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Automatic Keyboard only works in the Modern UI and not in the desktop environment (with the exception of Office 2013). Sorry....