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Nice Video on Windows Blue Features...


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From the articles I am reading it does seem MS is being dragged kicking and screaming to make Windows 8 a better experience. There are many cool and enjoyable things about Windows 8. The interface between Modern Ui and Desktop isn't one of them. If they can fix that with the understanding that 95% of the market doesn't have and isn't going to buy touch screens then they could have a great product.

I have a Surface Pro with touch and a 24" Monitor with touch ( TOTAL AWESOMENESS BTW) and I hate the Start Menu ' Metro ' interface. Its not so much the people will hate it because they don't have a touchscreen monitor as it is that MORE than 95% of the stuff we are running is still using the Desktop. Make the Desktop touch experience better, I mean CHRIST MS, it is NOT Rocket Science.


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Standalone touchscreen monitors are expensive.

However, the new Leap Motion Controller for $80 may solve that problem for a lot of people. As a matter of fact, Leap Motion may single-handedly save Windows 8.


I don't think this will "single-handedly save Windows 8." The market is just now moving full-steam-ahead to touch. Intel is making touch a requirement as part of Ultra Book 3 specs. Touch pricing is about to bottom out as production of the screens ramps up to fill this new requirement. I don't see people lugging that controller around with them or using that on any mobile device. A plane, bus, or even car ride would be a disaster with that device. Its a specialty device and while it may be cool, its not going to save Windows 8.

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The current crop of touch Monitors available is a direct result of the high price of the screens. As time goes along, touch monitors will be the mainstream. Touch is the future, not the past. Be water my friend! Touch.

*it should be note that I resisted the temptation to reply to the "single-handedly save windows 8" comment with simply : Cupcake, cupcake.*
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All of this technology has been around for years. It is just the fact that having the right market and to release it into the market in the correct manner. What, when , where, who, how, and why? I might be missing some reasons, but I'm sure you all understand. When the time is right. Do what you like.