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Nixon Surface Case/Sleeve [For Sale $25]


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I got one as a gift and I had already recently bought one, so I'm selling one for $25 USD shipped as long as you're in the continental US. I only used it a few days before I got the new one so I've barely used it, looks like new (no packaging.) Post here and PM me, first one to do so gets the case (FYI I won't be able to ship it out until Saturday however.) Fits my Surface Pro with the Type Cover 2 perfectly so it should fit all Surface tablet models with or without the Touch or Type Covers. I'm selling the case for less than half the retail price:

Nixon Surface Sleeve - Microsoft Store

The case is made of ballistic nylon with some padding inside so it’s more rugged than any of the neoprene sleeves available for the Surface. The outside strap keeps the case on my hand easily to prevent slipping or dropping, and the pocket can stretch big enough to fit the stylus and the wall charger if need be and the zippers are water tight. The inside lining is made of a velvet-like material to prevent scratching, and the inside lining of the zipper is tubed to prevent scratches from taking the tablet in and out of the sleeve. Made with EVA high density foam padding and Dura-plush lining.

Here's the description of the sleeve from the Microsoft site:

"Protect your Surface from nicks and dings in this sturdy and slim case. Bring along the accessories you need in the handy exterior pocket. The durable 1680D nylon outer shell and an interior constructed of high-density foam padding with dura-plush lining means total tablet protection. It even comes with a stabilizer strap handle so you can carry it whichever way is easiest for you."

I'll post pics of the case once I get home from work.
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