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Looking for a padfolio-style case


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Your best bet is to do a search for cases designed for the 11" MacBook Air, those seem ideally suited to the dimensions of a Surface Pro. Good luck!
Hey guys,

Is anyone aware of a case for Surface 2 that a) zips shut, b) has a 8.5x11 paper pad slot c) a sleeve for the Surface and d) is (ideally) made of real leather? Basically this guy: Amazon.com: Alpine Swiss Leather Portfolio, Writing Pad, Presentation Folder Business Case Comes in a Gift Bag. Note Pad can be inserted / adjusted both for a Right or Left Handed writer - Folder Flap perfect to carry an iPad in: Office Products but with an inside pocket that fits it!

I've had the Wenger Present-o-Folio for about +6-years and it's still going strong (except the calculator doesn't work anymore...but no biggie). Purchased at Office Depot for ~$50. When I bought my SP2 I also bought the Maroo Folio; but quickly realized that the Maroo doesn't work too well with the SP2 kickstand (so the Maroo folio was returned). I've also realized that I prefer to use the SP2 (with the Type Cover 2) without the folio which allows the kickstand to be more functional. So I decided to use my old Wenger folio as the transport "case". And since the folio also stores paper and other "junk" it's worked out well.

(NOTE: The specific model # is WA-5538-09 and might be out of production...so double check the model#)
Wenger Present-o-Folio
Corporate Markets - Wenger - Executive Accessories - ECHELON Present-O-Folio
SWISSMADE.COM - Wenger - Echelon Present-O-Folio WA-5538-02

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@jefhart Hey, it's that Apple markup! It looks great though and the quality is really nice. Admittingly, that price makes it more of something I'd buy as a present for finishing my undergrad.
@DNP I had come across one like that. If the inside pocket fits it that's perfect. I don't plan on using it from inside the folio, taking it out to use it. The reason I'm big on a folio is because I am a biochemistry student and nothing comes close to pen and paper with the stuff I have to take notes on in lectures. I digitize it all afterwards (and keep my 50lbs of books on it, too!) so that's my system. I'll probably look into getting that one for now.

Thanks, guys!