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No App Notification Sound at connected Stanby


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after the Upgrade to Windows 10 i have a Problem.
I don't get in the connectet Stanby any Notification Sound.
The Notification Sound, for a new Mail recieved in the mail App, start with the Activation of the Screen.
Can anybody confirm the Problem.
Or i am alone with this Problem?



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yes is another problem that Microsoft continues NOT to address (Microsoft Tablet with Microsoft OS and Microsoft Programs - should be completely tested, NO excuse). I have reported several times and they just ignore and ask questions - a waste of time. As I understand, the Tablet is designed to operate as a phone when set for the screen to go off (NOT go to Sleep mode) Please report if anyone has had success in receiving Notifications from Outlook (Calendar Alarms / Email) as the Time Alarm and Battery App Alarm seem to work fine.