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Surface Pro 3 notifications


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Hi All,

I am a an absolute beginner when it comes to Surface Pro 3 and still relatively new to Windows 8, so please excuse noob question(s).

My Surface Pro 3 (which I am completely fascinated with, BTW) does not show any notifications ( for example new email, skype call/message etc.)
Live Tiles work and update properly, Lock Screen displays icons with number of new mail etc. but I don't get any of the pop-up & sound notifications. All apps are set up and allowed to display notifications.

My surface is brand new, been using it for 3 days now.

Is there some setting I am missing? My Win8.1 desktop and Windows Phone 8.1 notify me properly when a new message comes in.


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Open the Charms menu > Settings > Change PC Settings > Search and Apps. Go to notifications and check your settings and check that your apps are set to show notifications.

Also check default apps.