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No longer have my Surface Pro 2 and feel depressed


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I have just ordered my Surface Pro 1, and have it returned and replaced for 6 times, everytimes it comes with dust trapped, dead pixel or broken speaker, I am now frustrated and decide to live with my trapped dust device.
MS is desperately in need of checking their manufacturing quality.


Everything is like a snowflake and no two of anything is exactly alike; therefore nothing is perfect. If you look for flaws you will surely find them. If imperfections bother you than "you" are imperfect for being bothered by what is common to everything. It is laudable to strive for perfection so striving to accept trivial imperfections makes you less imperfect.

Learn to love variability. Reality is imperfect; don't deny reality.


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Although I want my products to be as good as possible (who doesn't) I find the more you strive for perfection, the more frustrated and disappointed you're going to be. So, I simply try not to think about...

My iPhone has several tiny scratches but the way I look at it is that it's not forever. I'll have a new one in a few months time :) you can say the same about most things.


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Backlight bleeding is easy to fix, you just have to put opaque glue homogeneously on your lcd panel (on some devices you can do it yourself by removing the panel and putting opaque adhesive tape on the rim).

But to achieve homogeneity every time is costly because it either needs to add an additional step in the assembly process (testing, be it manual or automated) and/or to slow down the process (to give the glue time to settle homogeneously and to dry properly). An additional cost (even if small in the grand scheme of things) that is only marginally beneficial because a very small minority knows how to detect backlight bleeding, an even slimmer one notice it, and an even thinner one cares.

An interesting anecdote : When the iPad 2 came out, you could know if a model had bleeding by it's serial numbers. If the serials were from a production run where the screen was supplied by Samsung you had little to no bleeding, but if it where supplied by Sharp it was a firework.