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Nokia Windows RT tablet


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I agree pallentix. But I doubt it'll take that long to build up the app selection. Which is crazy because there are tens of thousands or more metro/modern UI apps in the store. It depends on what each person looking for. For alot of stuff there is no need for an app because our browser is more than powerful enough to push the web sites alot of these apps based off of. Yes, we are missing some big names but their coming.

The simple fact that one of the largest and most successful companies, that makes tons of money across all platforms, is now dedicated to win8/RT. That company is Gameloft. They're a gaming company but their games always sell. They started off dedicated primarily to Ipad then to android. Now they already announced a huge dedication to windows platform. With alot of big name games already released or coming. Just like android, there's alot of untapped potential, money wise, in win8/RT. We will look more enticing because our OS is more secure. Other big name developers will follow soon enough.

The reason RT initially didn't meet up to expectations was because it wasn't promoted properly. Not because lack of power. Even as far as apps go, there's still thousands of metro apps people can try out.I ddon't want windows to end up like android or even apple with thousands of fart apps or b.s. apps.

IMO, I find alot of the metro apps better looking and performing versus other platforms. People forget a large majority of apps on other platforms are just based off websites than the others can't really pushnatively on their browsers. Or at least well. I don't need a Facebook app. I can use website now that does more. Then we have no worries about flash content. Even the newer android firmwares don't support flash. Of course it can be sideloaded to work if you get the right flashplayer apk.

I love my surface pro but I also think the RT is good also. It was fast and fluid playing around with it in the stores. Plus its been stated all over the great battery life it gets.


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I really hope you're right about the apps getting into the store faster. All I know is that the Windows 8 market is much worse off than WP and the weak app situation is the main thing holding back WP. The two products SurfaceRT and WP are in a very similar situation. They are fantastic devices, but the competition has all the apps. I'm hoping this year Windows 8 adoption really takes off. As people retire old hardware and get new computers and tablets running 8, it will be harder and harder for developers to ignore the new ecosystem.


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That's what I don't get about a developer. I understand apps take time and money, but at the same time, doesn't a developer would want their app exposed to as many people and other ecosystems as possible? I understand the Windows Phone/Windows 8 has a smaller user base, but it's still a user base that a dev can cash in on.


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I think for most apps its all about expense to create and maintain the app vs potential revenue that can be made. If that's not a positive number, its a no go. Throw in a little anti-MS bias, and a fear of spreading yourself too thin and you end up with most willing to cover the bulk of mobile users with iOS and Android. A growing user base will eventually shake up the status quo.

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