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Normal 'People app' behaviour..? 10 sec+ delay with opening links in IE


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I like my Surface RT.
Coming from a Windows Phone, I'm pretty used to using the native Microsoft apps.

When I touch a link to a website in RT's 'People app', it takes over 10 seconds for it to open in Internet Explorer. Also, if I touch a link and continue browsing the People App, Internet Explorer won't pop open so have to manually switch to it.

Is this normal behaviour for the People App? I also notice the Bing App is pretty slow at opening links in Internet Explorer.

If this is not normal behaviour, how can I fix it :( ? I've tried a refresh, reset, & uninstall/reinstall of the app.

Ideally, I'd like to use the People App & Internet Explorer split screen i.e. touch a link... see it open instantly in IE, while continuing to browse the People App while the page loads.
I've since discovered it's just links from my Twitter in the People App which open slowly in Internet Explorer (+10 secs). If I touch links from Facebook posts, they open straight away.

Has anyone else found this with their Twitter accounts in the People App..?
I think they need to do some more improvements on the People app. I still get the delay refresh and then crashes if I swipe from the top and the tap Home. I really like the look and feel of the people app, but the buggyness turns me off from it. I hope 8.1 help.
Most of the built in Windows 8 apps are unfinished, buggy and crash prone. Most of mine stopped loading outright before I decided to return my Surface Pro. Click and NOTHING, nada, zilcho.
Problem solved. The problem wasn't to do with my Surface or the People App, but my router.

A firmware update of the Netgear N600 router has resolved this issue.

So for the first time I can now use my Surface RT the way it's meant to be - gliding from App to IE & back again :-D.