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Norton Security


Has anyone installed Norton Security on the SP3?

I had it on my Vista laptop and it messed it up to where it would not boot. I had to do a restore and get rid of Norton.

The only functionality that I want is the Contacts backup. I have my contacts backed up from my iPad and want to restore them on my SP3 (if that is possible). I was able to do it from the iPad to my Android phone using Norton.

Arizona Willie

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Friends don't let friend use NORTON.

Actually, I've heard the version for business is ok but the version for home users is considered by many to be a virus itself.

NEVER NEVER NEVER let anything Norton near your computer(s).


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The newest Norton anti virus is OK, but the 365 or the Norton Internet Security can both be a nightmare.


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Recent Norton versions have been good but there was a time when is was terrible. Worse choices are McAfee or Trend Micro. I used Butterfinger or Bitdefender before but certain things about it rubbed me the wrong way although that was a couple years back. Tried the Average AAA trio (Avira, AVG, Avast) nothing to write home about.