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not showing anniversary edition update


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Hello and thanks for reading my problem
i buy a new surface pro 4 and its 1151 windows ....when i check for update it said that your windows is update and dont show the anniversary update...please help me...
thanks a lot


Go to Update & Security in Windows Settings and choose Learn More, it will take you to a URL that you can do the Anniversary Update.


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its give me a update assistance software that download updates very slowly...one time i used it and take 8 hours to go to 96% and then suddenly it goes again to 0%....
is there any other way?


From what I've seen, updates can occur at different times for people. This particular update (the Anniversary one) has been spread out a lot. People were on here talking about it a full month before it came to my computer. It was about six weeks later it finally showed up one day and then took a whole day to get itself sorted out. So, just keep working (or playing) and you'll get it some day.


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Are you sure you have enough free storage? The sp3 of my mother didn't update until i freed some space.

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