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Solved Anniversary update not working


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Hi All,

Today, the anniversary update was available for download on my surface pro4.
I tried to launch it twice, but every time the same result :
Download of the installation files is ok, then the installation starts, and around 10~20% of process, the Surface restarts and does a rollback to the previous restoration point.

I only got the surface pro 4 since 3 weeks (so not many things have been changed on it).
I can't find any information or reason why the process is not working (no logs, no error message...)

Any idea ? did someone do the same update with success ?
infos: I have about 72Gb of free space on my SSD / OS is in French / Eset smart security is running on the device



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My Surface Pro 4 took the update easily, but my desktop machine failed to update...I rebooted it and tried again and it updated fine but took a long time. May be a reboot or two?


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Well, tonight the update is not available anymore.... maybe waiting for a couple of weeks would be a good idea before making a new attempt :)


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Perhaps it's not available to you, or in your country, but I just downloaded it and upgraded another machine so it's certainly available.


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Just based on past experience Id disable eset during the install at least.

The Media Creation Tool should let you update on demand. I don't know about other languages but I don't think it should be a problem.


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After upgrading my notebook successfully, I tried again on my Surface Pro yesterday.
It finally worked after :
* uninstalling Eset (important)
* making more space on my disk than expected
* Cleaning my disk
* Doing the upgrade with the Windows10Upgrade tool that I have downloaded from the Microsoft website

Thanks you for your time and answers guys!
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