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NoteLedge: A very slick OneNote alternative...


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If you are looking for a slick, full-featured OneNote alternative I recommend you looking at NoteLedge in the Store. It has:

1) Inking.
2) Contextual embedding of photos, videos and audio.
3) Tagging.
4) Clean attractive interface.
5) Intuitive and easy to figure out.

It does not have the robustness of OneNote such as handwriting recognition and search, inline tagging and screen clipping, but as a daily journaling device it is pretty amazing for a free offering.

Anyway, check it out.

Wayne Orwig

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Only for Android tablet. Rats. "Note Anytime" works well but the Android version is still Beta and doesn't sync.

Edit: i want to be able to view/edit notes that I make on the SP, on my phone.
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