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Notetaking on Powerpoint slides


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Hi Guys,
So I Just got my surface pro today, needless to say, I love it ,despite it's initial un user friendly appearance.
Cutting to the chase;
The reason I bought it is for uni, We get all our lectures in the form of powerpoint lecture slides,
and I would love to go along the slides at the lecture and anotate on the side, using different colors and stuff.

Does anyone recommend anything?
Now i've done some quick googling, and it seems One Note is the way to go for me, but from the video, it really doesn't look very user friendly.
Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I mean i tried just opening a presentation of a lecture just now and just tried writing with the pen, but as soon as i re open the file, the notes get scribbled with
background images, not sure as to why this happens, but my guess is that it's a feature that pushes us to buy the full version of office or the One Note application?

Anyways, this is probably the quickest and most reliable source I could come to, being how new the surface is, there isn't that much on it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)


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OneNote is by in far the best note taking app in the business, if you understand how to use a paper based notebook you understand OneNote. Print the slides to OneNote into the section for the class and mark them up to your heart's content. All of you ink is searchable just like the typed text, you can embed video and audio.

I have gigs of OneNote Notebooks dating back to 2003...


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I agree with jnjroach - give OneNote a fair try. I use it every day with Skydrive and love how my notes sync up between my workstation at the office, my desktop at home, and my Surface RT. Very convenient.