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Nova Mind Mapping Complete

will novamind read freemind files? if not, is there a way to convert freemind files to novamind?

i've been using freemind for a few years and wish they'd make a RT app.
Can it import/export Mind Manager Format? I have been playing around with the free version and really like what I see, but I use Mind Manger for work and need compatibility. If so the $15 dollar fee is cheep compared to Mind Manager and I will gladly pay for it.
Hi guys. I'm new here so hello everyone.

I've been trying some of these apps (from the Store) and can't really stay with one. Novamind is the best looking though it lags a bit and i cant open the "arms" or just distribute them any way I want.

Also the checkbox for tasks is paying (i'm talking about the free app). So any complete alternative (even for some under 4$ price) would be welcome!