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Maps App Slow / Lag


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Hi Folks!

I have a Surface 3 128GB LTE. It came with Windows 10 pre-installed and have all the updates. I love it!

I've really only had one problem. I use it as a tablet replacement and travel laptop, and one important feature to me is the maps app. Generally it works fine, except that on a long road trip it seems to lag severely over time. I downloaded all the maps for the relevant states before leaving. When I start, I can enter the destination address fine and it loads the directions and picks up my current location.

But as I start driving, the location indicator lags behind my current location by up to 60 seconds! It will call out directions after I have passed the exit, or think that I am on the road that I already turned off of. Fortunately I already knew the route, but this behavior is extremely annoying. It makes it completely unusable in a city where there are many turns.

When I stop to check the device, it is very unresponsive (though not completely), and it is hard to tap or click on anything. The surface often says "recalculating" and has a hard time finding the location or route again.

Given that my 3 year old phone has no trouble navigating, I can't believe that the Surface 3 hardware is not up to the task. And since I downloaded the maps already, I don't think it is network lag. All I can think is that either I do not have some setting right, or that there is a software glitch somewhere.

The only way to remedy it is with a total shutdown-restart. Then it works again for a short time.

If any of my description is confusing, I can try to take a video of the behavior on the next leg of the trip.