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Office365 Personal: how to best enable a 2nd free subscription?


I have been a happy Office 365 Personal user for nearly 6 months when I got a 12 month subscription included with the PC that I then purchased. I have since purchased a Surface 3 tablet that also came with a separate 12 month subscription. I'd like to activate the second subscription (with the same account) but am unclear what will happen to the expiration date of the first subscription. Will I be limited to 12 months from the date I activate the second subscription? Or, will the second subscription simple be added to the end of the expiration date of my original subscription? Or, will I even be able to activate a second subscription with my existing account?

IOW, how do I properly go about activating this second subscription to get the maximum duration before needing to pay the monthly and/or annual fees?

Thanks in advance,

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