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Hi all! I used your forum for research before buying my Surface 2 64g 4glte (non pro) about 7 months ago...absolutely love it btw!!! You guys were very helpful, most of the questions I had were already asked and answered on this forum and assisted me on making my decision to buy. I have a laptop as well and have found myself hardly using it...and I guess out of jealousy it has now taken a crap. I again used your forum for research an since I love my surface decided to get the surface pro 3 instead of another laptop. I ordered the bundle deal they are running on the Microsoft site and it should be here Friday. I just wanted to thank you all for the information...and commend the forum administrator for an awesome place to discuss, troubleshoot and share all things surface!!!



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ha! that's the same way I started also, my first Surface was the Surface then went to the Surface 2 and then had to get the SP3 ... now I'm waiting to see what MS is going to release with the SP4...

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