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Surface RT User Here!

Hello all!
I am one of the lucky 10k educators that received a Surface RT at the ISTE conference back in late June.

I was shopping for a new tablet and waiting to get my big summer check at the end of June to buy one. I had decided on the Samsung Note 8. I had not really considered the Surface or a Windows 8/Windows RT before I went to Best Buy to check out the Samsung Note (after doing all my earlier research online.)

I saw the Surface RT as well as another Windows RT tablet and was intrigued enough to go home and check it out online. Of course all I ran into were horrid reviews. As I said, I decided on the Note 8 because I like the idea of pen input.

THEN I got the Surface at the conference. Threw me off my track. The Surface looks good, feels good, has a cool factor with the touch cover. I spent a lot of time trying to love it and hardware wise it is VERY easy to love.

Still I was convinced I wanted a Note 8. I finally went out and bought one. But after a month the Surface, the Note fell flat. For one thing, the pen on the Note could only be used with a few specific apps, while on my Surface, I'd used the handwriting recognition keyboard with facebook, word, forums, etc. Less than 24 hours after purchasing, I packed the Note 8 up and took it back.

There's just something I like about the RT. I like the sturdiness of the hardware. I like the 10.6 screen size. I like the battery life, I like the handwriting recognition even with a goofy stylus. I like the kickstand and the keyboard. I like the laptop-yness to it. I like that it is a good companion to my home PC running Windows 8. I like real office.

Now granted I have access to ios through my work ipad and I have access to android devices as well. I'm not missing out on anything in the other ecosystems.

It took me getting one for free unfortunately, but now that I KNOW, I would choose Surface RT over other tablets especially at 350. I'm waiting for the right time to get a Pro... but right now it's not worth the price to me over the FREE Surface I have now.
Well Welcome. I would wait for the SP2 to dive into a Pro device. Simply because it should be a far more polished device and offer things like a dock for desktop use when at home or in the office (must have for me). Anyway welcome and glad you enjoy your RT. I work in IT and also received a Free RT but gave it to a co-worker who never spoke of it again after asking me for help getting it on our Wifi network. All this stuff is in its infancy and all the devices should improve as time goes along.
Great story thank you. The RT is a great device just most people don't know about it.