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Hello, I see one pro on line now who may be kind enough to point in the the right direction
Just inboxed a MS surface Pro7 I received from my children for Christmas...
I was an early adopter of the original MS Tablets in the early 2000’s, but stopped keeping up with the technology long ago
So now I have this device in front of me, I can’t even be sure what software is on it and what I have to buy
Any suggestion where I can get a tutorial
I am not a cloud using power user, I am a guy that likes handwriting recognition, drawing diagrams and using what they called a snipping tool back on the old days
Had a NEC Versa from 2002, it was nice when EM interference wasn’t causing the cursor to wander- solved that with aluminum foil under the screen...


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Congrats on your Surface Pro 7. This machine operates with Windows 10.

Your PC has a snipping tool.

You will probably want to disable “tap”on the touchpad, so a glancing touch with your finger does not constitute a mouse click.

To do this:
1 Click on the bottom left of your screen (Windows logo)
2 Click on the Settings “gear”
3 Click Devices
4 Click Touchpad
5 Uncheck the first three boxes marked “Tap ...”
6 Close the window by clicking the “X” on its top right.

You have a snipping tool. To start it:
1 Click the search magnifying glass near the bottom left of your screen.
2 Type “snip” and the Snip & Sketch link will be shown. Click on that.


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Thanks for the welcome and the advice.
(I do have a pen, of course).
Once I had a need for pushing the envelope on what I could do on a mobile device, and knew my way around...Windows XP Tablet edition....then I was half competent on a hp laptop/swivel top tablet running Windows 7 that needed to have the screen opened and a wire reconnected too frequently to keep the tablet interface working, and my activities didn’t require using it. My most used app was windows journal, which I think I was discontinued because of security issues and seems to be replaced by whiteboard (though they are different).
My daughter has already sent me links to a few YouTube videos, but if you or anybody knows a really good tutorial that you think is awesome please let me know and I will try not to trouble you with ridiculous questions.
Apparently to get maximum refinement of handwriting and voice recognition the device links to the cloud somewhere. I know little about computer security issues, except that if everything stayed in my device it wouldn’t be as big an issue.

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