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OneNote switching notebooks while writing


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I'm having a problem with my surface pro 3 and onenote. Sometimes when my palm rests on the lower right area of the screen OneNote will switch notebook sections by itself. Any idea what I might be doing?


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Ah, irregular occurrences. The most difficult kind of bug, (apart from the ones that occur 1/100)! I have no idea what the problem may be and I've never heard of anything similar to your op. Sorry I don't have anything useful to offer.


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Ive never come across this myself, or online. But first things first, is this MUI onenote or onenote 2013?


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Do you use TouchMe Gesture studio or any type of gestures app?

Sounds like you have a gesture set up to do this.


has this been happening with other apps... seems like the battery of the pen is running low... just a hunch... looks like the palm rejection isn't working at times and causing you to add a page or something...


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No it was definitely touchme studio. It had a gesture where you would touch with one finger and tap with another to go forward and back a tab in a "web browser". So one note was flipping notebook sections when i would touch it just right.