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Orientation Issues


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Hey guys,

Has anybody had this issue? My orientation lock isn't working. The screen is locked in landscape. If I go to the screen settings, the lock/unlock button is grey and does nothing when I click it.

Have had my surface since launch day, today is the first day I've noticed this. Tried turning it off and on, to no avail.

Anyone else have this issue?


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There are two ways to lock or enable screen rotation.

1. From the Desktop, right click and select Screen resolution, then check or uncheck screen auto-rotate, click apply and then click OK.

2. Go to the Settings Charm, select Screen, at the top of the Brightness bar is the symbol for lock or unlock screen rotation. The keyboard must be folded back or disconnected to use this method.


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I have an issue with the Battleships app, whereby it has started changing to portrait view when I load the app. I can't change it to landscape. It always used to work on landscape but no longer does. It only happens on that app and happens even if I have orientation lock on.


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I am not sure but I think some apps lock to the screen orientation that they need
Maybe, but this app didnt need it before today, and certainly doesnt benefit portrait. Infact its quite buggy, as the menu which would be at the bottom in landscape, now floats mid-page in portrait.