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Outlook 2016 not responding


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I have Windows 10 and an Office 365 Subscription, which I updated to Office 2016 when it became available not long ago. (Surface 3)

Recently, when working with Outlook, it constantly/regularly hangs/freezes (Outlook not responding), forcing me to get out via Task Manager. It has also happened, although more rare, when using Word. It has become annoying.

I have tried verifying addins, and other googled recommendations. I have uninstalled and re-installed two or three times. No luck.

I am considering down-grading to Office 2013. Any suggestions before I regretfully do so?

I'm moving this to the apps section but more info might help. Is it s stand-alone install or connected to a server. (like Exchange), is it set up pop or IMAP?
Sorry for overlooking the apps section. It is not stand-alone. I have a 365 subscription and install from office.com. My email accounts are set up as IMAP.
So, you have local PST files that are syncing with the cloud. How large are they? I have had issues with overly large PST files syncing on some slower connections. That could be an issue.

I had one customer who made a change to his IMAP account and oover a fast connection it still took 4 hours for everything to settle down. In the mean time it was pretty much a wreck until the sync was done.
Hey, leeshor... I appreciate your help, but am not that techy.

I have an Outlook Files folder in Documents. I contains two items - Contacts, Calendars. 13 and 5 MB, respectively. This is the same thing I have on my laptop. (no problems with Outlook) I sync between my Lumia 830, my laptop, my Surface 3 using Companion Link. I don't know if this helps.

In as far as the hanging in Outlook, (not responding) it doesn't happen during sync or send/receive. It can happen while viewing or opening mail, composing mail, etc.
I am on a Surface Pro 4 with an exchange email account. I used to be on 2013 and never had an issue, and recently upgraded to 2016 to get Skype for Business add ins. Since then, Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote all crash regularly and repeatedly. Most commonly Outlook, probably because it is open all the time, but they all crash sometime or another. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software suite and nothing has helped. The issue is exactly the same as for HiramSS