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Panasonic Reveals Insane 20-inch Tablet with 4K Resolution Display


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Quick, think of the biggest tablet you have ever held in your hands! Okay, now imagine a slate with a diagonal size twice as big and you'll get something like this new 20-inch tablet by Panasonic. Seems both insane and awesome at the same time, doesn't it? Well, hold on to your jaws, guys, because it is about to get even crazier. This monstrous tablet by Panasonic actually packs a 4K resolution display. In other words, you get 3840 by 2160 pixels, resulting in a pixel density of 220ppi.

Panasonic has not yet announced much in terms of detailed tech specs for the device, but what is known is that the tablet runs Windows 8. That leads us to believe that inside it ticks a high-end Intel Core processor, presumably backed up by a discrete graphics unit to handle all those pixels. There's also support for stylus input, which works with very high precision, according to the manufacturer. Despite its sheer size, the device is under half an inch thick and is relatively light, according to reports.

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Neat but it better have something serious to push all those pixels as well as a huge battery.
Is this for real, or is it April 1st?

Who in their right minds would want to lug this thing around? Sorry, If this is Panasonic's idea of staying relevant, they should stick with appliances.

If this was made in China, I'm sure it would come with an antenna :)


There's an application in the Store which is perfect for this device, it is called Sign Board. You can make one with your friend's or parent's name on it and use it at the airport when picking them up. Another potential use is for Football, they can now switch to this device, instead of the crap they use now. You can also bring one at the NBA games and show a controversial video of the opponent's player while taking the free throw.

He he
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It needs a cellular radio so I can hold it up to the side of my head and make phone calls!:cool2:
I bet Chess or Checkers would be awesome on that thing. All the app needs to do is just draw the board. :D