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Patch Tuesday Today


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Jan 8th 2013 - New Firmware released

My Surface today is getting another Firmware update. Also there are a bunch of Windows security fixes in Windows Update.

Curiously, one update (for .NET Framework 4.5) was not selected for install by default... despite the KB article saying it brings performance improvements.

If anyone notices improvements (to Wifi perhaps), let us know.


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Here it is and its a long list


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I wish Microsoft would provide more specific update/firmware fix information.... anyone know the details?


What exactly does System Firmware Update fix?
They never post that information just listed as Firmware Update All updates have a link to a knowlwdge base page for more information, but nothing but a date for the firmware update
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Aw: Jan 8th 2013 - New Firmware released

I have installed all updates. Performance did not increase so far, or at least i dont notice it.
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Tuesday updates didn't help with my major gripes.
1. Volume to zero on occasion
2. Flash website problems
3. Keyboard problems
All minor annoyances. Still very happy with my Surface.


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My hopes have been shattered...

I was hoping that this Windows Update, together with Fotor update (today also), would allow me to process D800 NEF files, alas, Fotor now throws an error that file is corrupted when opening Nikon 1 J1 NEF files that it used to be able to load.