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pen inaccuracy


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All on screen digitizer pen aren't as good as the real thing, mostly due to power constraints and size (including the pen).
You'll probably get a far better experience with Wacom Companion Pro, as Wacom uses technology that it doesn't share with others.
That is also why, as previously mentioned, Microsoft switch to N-Trig. it is still not "as good as" a real dedicated pen digitizer, but it is far better (at least for writing) then Wacom technology. Only down side I saw when I tried N-Trig pen of the Surface Pro 3, is that when you draw a circle or curved line fast, you see steps, the curve or circle isn't as smooth as the Wacom one. This can also be due to power constraints. The pen still has a shift from the glass, but less so as the glass is thinner, as they could brought the digitizer closer. As I don't have a Surface Pro 3, or surface 3, my software for the pen calibration isn't doesn't work (I can't test anything). So if the Windows built-in calibration doesn't help fix this, then there is currently no solution that I know off.

I do know that the Surface 3 has better digitizer than the Pro 3,. It is about the same, but has sub pixel tracking. So it is safe to assume that the Pro 4 has that as well.

As for purchasing it, nothing stops you to go at the store buy it try it, keep it in perfect condition with the box and everything, and if you don't like it, return the device within the store return period.

As for Windows 10. Windows 10 on the Surface line (all models, including the Surface 3 and Pro 3), is not ready. Like it is bad, pretty bad. It is to avoid as we speak. Windows 10 runs great on most desktop computers, and simple laptops (if it has Intel integrated graphics, expect a drop in battery life). As for anything fancy, expect issues left and right, as manufactures of hardware used on mobile devices basically rushed released their drivers, and only now taking their time to fix the bugs and issues. Will probably take 1 or 2 more months for the case of the Surface line.


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I did not try surface enough. And anyway - due to my exeprience on my (perfect) wacom companion - you need some times to "feel". So I give time. It is not my workstation, is just a portable pc with a pen. I still draw my comics on my precious wacom companion.

Anyway I read that surface was the alternative to wacom companion. It is not true. It is far away from wacom, even if wacom has some issue (like right edge screen inaccuracy).

Wacom companion is portable but not enough. It is big, it has border to keep in hands when you draw. It is a 13" but larger like a 17" laptop or even more. I need a little one. I had galaxy note 10" that works great to draw. Its digitizer (still wacom) was very good. But you have android app and sometimes, when you are out and you need to modifiy something you can't. That's why I decided to buy a surface pro 2 - better than 3 because is 11" and not 12" and has wacom digitizer. I thought that was a kind of guarantee.

At the end of this story only wacom makes pen tablet suitable for artist. That is the point. Surface is a really awesome laptop but is not made for draw.