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Pen pressure not working in all apps?

Ok, not sure when this started. In OneNote, if I press down, my pen lines get thicker. In Fresh Paint, pressing down doesn't seem to do anything. In Photoshop CS6 it knows I have a pen. But when I push down on the screen, there's a graphical picture of my brush from the side, and it doesn't show that I'm pushing down on the screen.

I know I had an issue like this with my SP2, but I don't remember what caused it. I think it was because I needed to use WACOM drivers. But there is no drivers for this pen.

The pen right-click works, the eraser works in OneNote, Single/multiple clicks on the pen all works like it's supposed to. I even went into calibration but that didn't help. Thank goodness that didn't screw up my corner detection. :)