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Pen pressure help needed


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I recently got a Surface Pro 4. I paired my pen, and when testing the pen pressure, (Surface > Pen > Test your pen sensitivity below) it works fine.
However, whenever I use a paint program (FireAlpaca, Paint Tool SAI, Medibang, Clipstudio, Krita. Yes, I've tried all of these), I use the pen tool, and the lines don't feather at all, just one solid line that doesn't thin out at the ends. Normally there are ways to fix your pen pressure in the Paint Program, by toggling with the settings, but after I did those, the pen pressure still did not work.

I'm not sure if there are specific drivers I need, and if there are, I have no idea which ones to get. I am no technology whiz, so if anyone could help me out, that would be rad.
Welcome to the Surface forums!

The use of pen pressure is at the control of each app not the Surface, or the pen itself. You most likely have the correct drivers.
Try using the handwriting option for your touch keyboard (Tablet mode) to verify. You should be able to use a very light touch.

Regarding Paint (mspaint.exe), which is legacy software which does not respect pen pressure, Microsoft is close to releasing Paint3D as a replacement, which does. I think you may be able to download a preview for your Surface Pro 4 from the App Store.

I hope this is helpful.
Hello DoubleFelix - Do you by chance have the "Surface" application downloaded? Have you by chance attempted to adjust the sensitivity from there? I agree with SharpUser that each program may have it's own sensitivity / pen setting built in - BUT in the chance that is does not have one built in, the program at hand may rely on the Surface Pro 4 settings. I have sent along some pictures that will hopefully help you. One other thing - When I opened the MS Store app and did a search for "Surface" - the store did not render the result I was looking for - (This could just be my machine of course) So I had to do a separate search until I got here ( Surface – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store ) and then I used this link to open the MS Store and Poof! The Surface application was available for download.

Once downloaded - it's pretty much self-explanatory - I hope this helped you just a little - Please let me know if it did, or what you did to resolve your issue. I always love to learn about the SP4.


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