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@ctitanic, @SeeVuPlay, try un-linking Twitter from your app and see if that makes a diff. It worked for some others.

I went to the web version of the People App and unlinked it there, and then did a reboot....after the reboot, I clicked on the People App and it worked.....problem is that facebook is no longer supported in this app. The App no longer syncs with facebook contacts, which sucks because that was one of my favorite features. I did not go and re-link twitter from the People app because Ive been reading that it will crash again.

I this helps others!


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I thought x86 apps refer to the more traditional desktop software and Metro People Apps are apps. That's what I meant....Metro People Apps isnt x86 software. Just asking for clarification.
To an extent what you say is true, however it remains that the People app is an app, directly a part of the system - MUI or not.

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