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Photoshop 2014 Scaling on Surface Pro 3


before I return my sp3, I'm experimenting more because I think some of these stuff would be applicable to sp4.

the original photoshop scales terribly make it virtually unusable on high resolution screen like sp3. some good folks found a way to use external manifest to solve the problem (http://surfaceproartist.com/blog/20...oshop-and-illustrator-readable-on-surface-pro). this trick still works on photoshop cc 2014, though you need to change the version value from to

and now adobe added a 200% scaling option in photoshop cc 2014. I found it's perfect size for finger touch, however, some said it's too ugly and uses too much space. how does it compare to the old external manifest trick?

I've tried out all these 3 scalings on sp3 and took screenshot, which one is your flavor?

default scaling:
Default Scaling.PNG

photoshop's new 200% scaling:
Photoshop 200%.PNG

external manifest scaling:
Photoshop Manifest.PNG

warning: the 200% scaling and external manifest scaling would double the size make it too big to use, so turn off the scaling before you try another one.


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Last one looks good, middle one looks easiest to use. As I intend to use PS CC on mine when I get it this is of interest to me. Most frustrating I have to wait so long still to try it out.


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I've found that using the built-in experimental scaling feature causes some dialog boxes to be too big for the screen. For example, the Save to Web dialog box's Save and Cancel buttons are behind the Windows Taskbar. There is just a sliver of them sticking up above the taskbar so they are still clickable, but still pretty inconvenient.