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PICO Projector problems


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I've got a surface pro 3 and am having a hard time using it with an AAXA P4X pico projector -

two problems,

the first being that I cannot seem to get it to mirror my screen (I can get it to extend to the projector, but not duplicate). I've tried everything I can think of - adjusting resolution of the surface screen down to what the projector is set at etc. and nothing works. when I use "devices" "project" method to try and set it to duplicate nothing happens. When I use screen resolution settings from the desktop and I select duplicate I get an error that the display settings cannot be saved.

My other problem is I seem to have really lousy picture with the projector. To the point where I can't even read the menu bar on a web browser page. Obviously tried focus, cleaning the lens, and nothing seems to help. I'm connecting to the projector using the mini display out on the surface using a mini display>HDMI adapter, then HDMI to the projector (mini HDMI at the projector). I've tried swapping out the adaptor and the HDMI cable with no real change. I've tried adjusting the resolution on the projector and I think with a lower resolution in the 1024x768 range that it has slightly better readablity than at 1280x800.

Any help with either of these issues would be great. thanks in advance


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any resolution higher than its native resolution will typically be hard to read. It looks like your projector has a Native Resolution of 858 x 480. Which is fine for video and most PowerPoint presentations

For running normal apps web browser, excel or word I would not expect it to get much better.