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Playing MP4 Video Movies on Surface Pro 6

Which Video Format does the Surface Pro 6 Support

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I recently purchased a Surface Pro 6 a few weeks ago and have been trying to play mp4 movies on it from the SD card. No matter what I do, none will play on the surface Pro 6 either from the desktop or SD card. Have several computers and Laptops all Windows 10 and they play the MP4 Movies with no problems at all. I have tried at least 4 Video Converter pieces of software and attempted to convert to the format that is compatible with the Surface Pro 6. Spoke with Microsoft Technician about an hour yesterday and nothing worked. Music plays jut fine, just no mp4 Movies. Error message says something to the extent, unable/can not play this file, or file maybe corrupt. As indicated about the same mp4 movies work great on all the other computers/laptops/Android tablets, etc. All movies play on my computers/laptop using the built-in Windows Movies and TV player. Tried 3rd party software such as Cyber Link Power DVD player 16, 17 and 18. Still does not work. Tried disabling antivirus software, etc. Surface 8th Gen Core I5 processor, 128GB , 8GB Ram. Any assistance is Greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


Are these iTunes movies purchased in iTunes? If so, they won't play unless iTunes is installed. I have no problems with any MP4 content on mine.