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Please help: Trouble downloading language pack in Windows RT 8.0 (CAB) and Office RT 2013 (EXE)


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I am using Surface with Windows RT v8-0 in secure bank enviroment and I have problem to download Czech language pack (CAB file for Windows v8-0 RT and EXE file for Office RT).
Since also my older colleague uses the surface device and he can't speak english, I really need to solve that for him. I can't move Surface RT outside from building.

What I need:
1. Please temporily add "Czech" language in your WRT v8-0 device.
2. Please temporarily download/install "Czech" language pack. (You can uninstall it 5 minutes after together with added language.)
3. And please (after language apack is downloaded) paste your C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log here, so I can download those two files too to my device, since there will be both URLs to those files.

Would any good soul do that for me? It will take you 5 minutes. As far as I know there are not any personal information in WindowsUpdate.log.
Thanks very much.