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Installing Windows 8.1 RT on Surface RT


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OK. This is how to install Windows RT 8.1 on the Surface RT.

1. Google 'DRIVERS FOR SURFACE RT ONLY___MICROSOFT WINDOWS RT 8 1 WITH OFFICE 2013 RT RTM WOA ENGLISH DVD-WZT' and use a torrent program to download.

2. While that's downloading you need to get your current Windows RT 8.0 product key from your RT. Go here ' http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2442791 ' and create the .bat file. Easy copy and paste.

3. Create a Windows RT 8.0 recovery USB drive in case anything goes wrong. Type recovery from the Start screen. You will need at least a 4GB USB stick.

4. Run the .bat file and copy down your product key.

5. Once the download finishes copy it to your RT if its not already there and run the .iso file. This mounts it as a CD-ROM drive.

6. Run setup.exe and use the product key from the .txt file in the torrent. Your one doesn't work in the installation. Currently setup only gives you the option to keep files or not. Some have found success with editing a cfg file in the iso and Im not sure if that will work on the RT. Someone give it a go? I found a lot of settings did move over just using the keep files option. A clean install is always better in my option.

7. After that just wait for it to install. Doesn't take very long and once installed go to the activate screen and enter your own product key. It should activate no problem.

8. Install windows updates to get rid of the one device not installed in Device manager.

9. Download apps and enjoy 8.1.

Think Ive covered everything. Let me know if anything needs adding. :)
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Cant you avoid the reset with RT as well? Its basically the same file edit isn't it? Why they don't just include detect preview in the setup is beyond me.
Not sure if anyone has tried this yet as when it was first leaked it wasn't a very easy task. However someone has done the hard work and merged the Surface RT drivers with the .iso file and installing is very easy.

My Surface RT is now running 8.1 and its working very well. All you do is download the iso, mount and run setup. I have lost my settings and apps but it doesn't take that long to setup again. Fresh installs are always better!

If anyones interested Ill post what to do. :)

Yes please! I need to do it on my surface
I googled for 'DRIVERS FOR SURFACE RT ONLY___MICROSOFT WINDOWS RT 8 1 WITH OFFICE 2013 RT RTM WOA ENGLISH DVD-WZT'. As this the name implies the torrent has the Surface RT drivers included.

Before you install you need to get your product key from your RT 8 installed. Very easy and all info here: Extract Windows RT product key without jailbreak or PC - xda-developers

Then just mount and run setup.exe. I'm not sure if editing the cfg file will allow you to do a upgrade install. I'm not returning to RT8 just to see. I prefer fresh installs, and a lot of settings did carry over even with a 'Keep my files' install.

You need to use the product key from the torrent, then once installed enter your own to activate. Mine activated fine first time.

Thats it. Very easy and straight forward. Be a good idea to make a recovery USB drive on RT8 before you do this too in case things go wrong.

All info from posts here: windows rt rtm - Page 7 - xda-developers
Be careful with getting your key. Read a bit more in that thread because that script does have a error.
oh man you guys are making it so hard for me to wait! but I'm to scared I'm gonna mess up my RT in some way or form! so I'm waiting till the official release from MS also I'm not in too much of a rush...
hey I just tried to use that keyfinder bat file, but it's not working for me...see I knew I would do something wrong already lol
well they tell you to copy paste the code into notepad and save it as a bat file, which I think I've done that...when pressed on the file it tells me all this stuff but no key...then it say [ress any key but it just closes and nothing... lol here is a pic of what I mean..aw gawd the attachment thingy is horrible on here!

edit here is the pic
ok got it working I now have my key to install 8.1 RT now I hope I can upgrade without doing a wipe and install...
When Windows RT 8.1 is released, will you reinstall it then, or just stick with the RTM?
And if you would like to install the full version when released, is that possible and how would to go about doing that?