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Please review my desired use


Hi all, I'm just about ready to place an order for the Surface Pro 3, but I would value people's input on whether this device is the one that will best meet my needs. I already have both an iPhone and iPad Mini. I really don't think that the Surface will become my carry around device for casual use. I'm more interested in using it like one would a laptop.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet I bought in 2008 before tablets really took off. I maxed out the memory upon purchase and then about a year ago I moved it to an SSD drive. It actually still runs Windows 7 just fine, although it is showing its age and has almost no battery life at all. I'd like to replace this with a Surface.

I'm a university IT prof, and run a lot of analytics and enterprise IS software (Tableau, various SAP tools, etc.). When I teach I often demo these tools. I also record all of my class sessions using Camtasia. The presentations are typically in PowerPoint, but I ink a lot of the content, write on the slides, etc. So, I'm looking for a device that would capably be able to have a few analytics tools running in the background, Camtasia running to capture the video and audio, and then Powerpoint, inking, etc. I'm thinking that the Surface Pro should handle all of this just fine. Is that right?

I've always made it a policy to buy infrequently, but buy the top model so I get more life out of it. I'm thinking of waiting to purchase the 512GB Surface 3 when it comes out in August, so I still have time to rethink this.



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It should handle your needs with no problems. Your biggest concern will be whether or not to get the type cover keyboard since you are not planning on using this as your carry around device. You may just want to use a wireless bluetooth keyboard.


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Agreed that it should handle your requirements, but I honestly believe that after using it, it WILL become your primary carry around device, outside of your phone. It sounds like your professional requirements need a Windows environment so this should fit the bill and also fill in the gap where your iPad mini sits as well.


Thanks, MickeyLittle and mohcho. Looking forward to reading about the current versions of Surface Pro 3 that are out. Eager to order mine soon.