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Way to Review Battery use by Service/Application?


Last night, I started using my surface (i7) a little after 8pm (battery at 100%), and by 10:30 pm the battery was at 35% (Which would put me at around 4 hours on a charge). Now, I was installing a couple of applications and windows updates were running so I'm not too concerned yet...But I wanted to see how I could look into the battery drain.

I found information on sleep study (I ran that, for some reason Connected standby is killing the battery when used, wifi adapter is to blame, totally unnecessary for my use of the surface, I'm just going to disable connected standby altogether)

I saw information on the battery report but haven't run that yet. Screenshots online look like it just shows the change in PC state over time and overall battery drain.

Is there anything that would show me in detail where the battery life is going? Which services, components, etc. Like a smartphone shows X% went to the display, X% to app Y (with A% in active use and B% in background use)....etc.


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Interestingly, power usage is closely related to the CPU usage. Therefore, "App History" tab in the task manager is your friend. Don't forget to check "Show history for all processes" to show desktop apps.


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The energy report will give you that but only for 60 seconds from the start, run it while doing your normal tasks to see top users.

Task Manager Lists App History CPU time, Network and Tile Updates which would translate to battery usage. Unfortunately you can't save, copy, or export that data. On the Options menu check "Show History for All Processes". To use it sort the individual columns, record the top users and values then check again later.