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Portrait mode is awesome with higher resolution screen


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I can't stop using my Surface in portrait mode when I want to run one app at a time, the higher resolution screen makes it so much enjoyable.

It's especially cool when reading the NY times, twitter, this forum, etc.

Anyone else seeing this trend especially those who heave a Surface 1 and have purchased the second version.


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I agree. I reed a lot more on my surface 2 now that the screen is better.

The text is crisper and it is a notable difference. I tend to spend a lot of time holding it and since it is close to the face it is a night a day difference. When I am using it to type, like I am now, then it doesn't seem like such a difference.

I am not sure if I am the only one but my eyes start to hurt when it is on full brightness. I didn't have this issue with the RT. Is the screen brighter or is it related to the higher resolution?


Yes the resolution is making it better, but its the format that makes it GREAT!

Don't understand the Ipad weirdo's, and the complaints about portrait mode.. I understand if you have terrible eyes, but anyone with decent vision should love portrait mode on a 16:9 format (or 16:10) its simply amazing!