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Possible pen/OneNote function problem


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When you double click the top of the pen to save a screenshot, how long does it take? For me, OneNote opens up immediately but it literally takes about 25 seconds to be “saved”. (I’ve timed this a handful of times.) While the image is being saved, I cannot annotate or edit the page in any manner. It basically acts like a frozen screen. After 25 seconds, the image gets loaded into OneNote and then can be edited as usual. What I want to know is, is this normal? How long does it take you to save an image to OneNote using the pen function?

The funny thing is, I encountered this problem the first week after purchasing SP3. OneNote would launch and I could define the area of the image to save, but then it would take a long time before the page could be edited. I didn’t know that it was “saving” and thought the program froze and attributed it to either a pen or app malfunction. I chatted with a Microsoft customer service representative and she had me delete/install OneNote as well as the pen a couple of times. After that, the screenshots would be saved in OneNote almost instantaneously and I thought all was well.

I just noticed screenshots weren’t working again a couple of days ago, and left an image open in OneNote as I attended to other things. When I came back a few minutes later, that’s when I noticed that the image had been successfully saved and realized that what I had originally thought was a soft freeze, was just OneNote taking an awful long time to finish its processing.

By the way, I’ve deleted and reinstalled both OneNote and the pen as I had done before, but no change. It’s still taking almost half a minute to save an image. And, the image doesn’t show up in OneNote at all one out of 10 times. How is everyone else’s experience?
Just tried with antivirus off. No noticeable change, although it might have saved to OneNote a few seconds faster. Interesting, that you think the antivirus might have something to do with it...
On the x86/x64 side, I've seen many strange thing relating to A/V when it comes to Windows 8.x, they are just starting to release Suites that support MUI, Connected Standby, Secure Boot and to a degree UEFI.
Very interesting. I can't change antivirus because this is a company requirement. Which antivirus in your opinion plays best with Win8.1?