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Pen Problem with Onenote

Steve G

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After upgrading to Win 10 my MS pen started opening the metro Onenote app rather then the full desktop version. Even after setting the desktop program as default it still opens the less then adequate app. After a number of failed attempts to contact Surface help I finally spoke to a rep. who said Microsoft was aware of the problem and that there was a fix in an update. The tech still wanted to take control of my Surface to check on drivers and such. She did that and told me she would reboot my computer so the updates could take affect. While it was booting she informed me that with Win 10 I would no longer be able to open the desktop version from the pen. I informed her that was the exact problem I was calling about. She apologized and said that is how Win 10 and the pen will work now. I was less then happy about this as the app is not to my liking. Why didn't Microsoft make it the users choice as to which Onenote would open with the pen?
I see that my problem was solved by not having it called a problem anymore, nice job Microsoft. Come on MS let the user decide which Onenote they want to use by default.
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Microsoft is starting to slowly and steadily abandon Desktop OneNote and I hate it. The new Shape to Ink Mode is also working only in the Metro version.
Microsoft released OneNote Universal App replacing OneNote MUI version from Windows 8. Unfortunately, with OneNote Universal App is not possible to make the Desktop version the default. At least this is what Microsoft have answered about this question.