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Power cable fraying


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The good news is that they send you a new one, then with some electrical tape you repair the frayed one and now you have a spare for your desk :)


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...or just split a piece of heat-shrink tubing onto the troublesome area, shrink it down so it insulates the problem spot & stiffens it to help keep it working for a long time!


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My concern about continuing to use the defective adapter, for those who understand such things, is this: could the defect cause an inconsistent supply of power to the detriment of the SP3? Or is it an either-or thing, either it charges correctly or it doesn't?


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this is good to help stop it happening
http://www.amazon.com/Sugru-Self-Setting-Rubber-Black/dp/B00KX6LTYM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=undefined&sr=8-1&keywords=Rubber setting
I got uk batch, seems ok to me but I've only charged twice since ive had the device.

Thanks for the heads up. This is exactly what I was thinking of to fix the problem. I don't want to keep getting it replaced under warranty. I ordered some from Amazon.

Maybe I can stop a few minor leaks in my canoe and longjon with it.
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Judging by the ring on the cord below the charging head on the initial post photo, it would seem that the cord was displaced (pulled downward) from the head. What you are seeing IMO is the remnants of the stripping process on the cable to prepare the resultant cable wires to be attached to the charging head. If you would apply a small amount of Crazy Glue. push the cable into the head up to the ring and then apply a shrink wrap tubing as Telstar1948 suggested. you will have a repaired and stronger unit.


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Not sure if this could be potentially related but my power cable looks fine from the outside and it charges my surface pro 3 without any issues but when I plug my Galaxy S5 into the charger and try to charge both the Surface and S5 at the same time, the light on the Surface begins to flash and then it cycles between charging and not charging.

Unplugging the S5 or keeping it's screen on fixes the issue.


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well it seems I had to contact MS support today as the adapter is working intermittently now, so what didn't bother me before now has become a nuisance and therefor warranted action and contact to online support, they were great and courteous and already sent my device in the same day! so I should get it in a few days... didn't have to send them pics or anything.


I and many folks from Apple world simply use black electrical tape. You first apply enough on the cable so it will flush with the end of the harness. Then apply second layer of electrical tape that wrap the end piece of the harness together with cable. I have been doing this for years.

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