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Solved Powerpoint problem


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I've created 4 slides in a powerpoint deck on my Surface.
Everything great, like my surface 2 a lot.

HOwever, I opened my powerpoint file tonight which is stored on my OneDrive and it only shows 2 slides, the last 2 slides are blank!
so I first thought, hey I probably didnt save it, but when I open the same file on my desktop PC, all 4 slides are there!

Not really comfortable with my surface like that when I need to do a presentation.

anybody else experience the same behaviour?

***UPDATE**** when showing the slides in slide + notes view on my surface I do see all slides

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fixed it by copying the stuff from the notes pages to the actual slides
must have edited in the notes page and not the actual slide when creating. Wasn't even aware that was possible with images .