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Price drops on RT licenses...


Hey all. I found this article from a couple days ago that is fairly in-depth, and goes into details about how Microsoft is cutting prices on their Windows RT licenses for OEMs and also outlines what all the major players are planning (or not planning...) in terms of the operating system. I was happy to see that they quoted a Microsoft spokesperson as saying that Microsoft is still very committed to RT and working on the issues brought up in feedback from device makers...

Microsoft Said to Cut Windows for Tablet Prices - Bloomberg

The article is by bloomberg.com and I found it an interesting read so I thought I'd share it. I had actually read some rumors that Microsoft was going to drop prices on RT for smaller tablets a few times last month I believe, but now I guess they have made it a little more official even though they are not saying how much those licenses will cost. I think it's a great thing though as this will bring prices down on RT tablets and hopefully give Apple and Android something to worry about. ;)

Personally, I just got my Surface RT a week ago, and I am loving every minute I spend with the thing (which has been the majority of my tableting this week)... but I would be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by a Surface RT Mini... Rumors about that are floating around too and so are rumors that other OEMs are planning Mini RT and mini Windows 8 tablets soon. I can't wait! :)
yeah i think a mini 7-8 inch with digital screen would be nice, especially if they release outlook for RT as they mentioned....