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Pro 3 Not for Google Users

Google also used to have a connector add-on for Outlook that would sync with Google, they discontinued that too, but there are some paid 3rd party programs. Google digs at MS and MS digs back.

They disabled it for the free Google Apps accounts. If you have a Business/Educational version, it still works great. I use Google Apps for Non-Profits at work and Google Apps Sync still works great, but we have been moving away from Outlook anyways.

I believe that Google has taken major strides to eliminate all interoperability between their products, and Microsoft's, except through the web.

Removing Exchange support from Gmail was so lame.

Considering how much of the world uses GMail for free, trying to make some money on their services for corporate and business accounts makes sense.

I agree, I have several customer using the Google Business account and it works but not everyone is into the $50/yr/user. I think it's cheap even if only for their great SPAM control.