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Pro 4 worth the upgrade ?


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Hi .. New to surface but wanted one for a while.
Was looking at the i5 128gb pro 3 available online for £650.

Then saw the pro 4 about to be released .. Do held off.

The pro4 equiv is £850 ... So is this worth the extra £200?

Main criteria for me is the pen / screen as will use for note taking etc alongside my work laptop.

Clearly better on pro 4 but is it £200 better ?

Realise user views will be limited until act release , but appreciate thoughts to help my decision.

How long to you plan to use the device? The SP3 is Haswell Based (Gen 4 Core), the SP4 is Skylake (Gen 6 Core). The compute power of the SP4 is greatly improved as is the graphic performance all with about the same battery performance.
is it £200 better ?
  • With Skylake CPU it should run cooler with less throttling,
  • bigger better screen,
  • better SSD,
  • additional custom chip to improve pen and touch,
  • thinner n lighter,
  • better front & rear cameras with Windows Hello support.