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Used Surface Pro 4 vs. Microsoft refurbished


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Thanks for your help guys in my last post. You guys helped me decide that the Surface Pro 4 would be better for me than the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Since this will be my secondary device I was looking not to spend a fortune and stay around $700. I found some used devices online on web sites such as swappa and eBay. However especially with the quality control issues I see sometimes mentioned here it will give me peace of mind to have the warranty intact. I noticed the other day that Microsoft does sell these devices refurbished on their website and I wanted to inquire of anyone who has purchased one of these refurbished devices. I want the i5 128Gb+4GB ram model and its $730 refurbished on Microsoft.com. Did you notice any glaring issues or quality control mishaps. I would appreciate any input anyone has?

Upon doing some more research online it does seem like the surface warranty is tied to the device and not necessarily the owner. So I have been shopping online for some devices that still have some warranty left just in case I would have any issues. However I'm wondering if the price increase is worth it to get the warranty as I would have to buy the type cover for the refurbished device separately . I also noticed Costco running a sale right now in which you can get the surface and the pen and the keyboard for $900 but then I would also have to pay taxes as well. If I go used I could probably spend around $700 Max and save about $200 plus dollars and tax instead of going with a brand new device. What are you guys opinions on the matter and have you had any experiences buying a used surface or getting a refurbished one for microsoft.com. Thanks for all the help

Edit : also I would think for the used devices that since they have been in use wouldn't that be more QA and quality control. As the seller could assure that the device has no issues as they have been using it so far

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I recommend the officially Microsoft-refurbished option. Think of "refurbished" as a second round of quality assurance. You will deal directly with Microsoft (for better or worse) for accountability. With a used item you are never sure what you are getting. You have to depend on the trust of the seller, have no accountability with the seller for any issues arising and have to deal with the transfer of warranty.

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Used vs. Refurb - I always will go with Refurb (especially as this is 1st Party Refurbs)....


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I also vote for manufacturer's refurbished. The company usually says it's like new and backs up their word with a warranty.

I bought a refurbished SP3 from MS and it has performed flawlessly.