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Pro and awful spell check/intuitive text.


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One thing I loved about my android tablet was using Swipe and Swiftkey, as the intuitive text input and spell check made typing exremely fast with the virtual keyboard. Sadly, the Pro is the exact opposite. The intuitive text input is almost always wrong, and shows up after about 80-90%n of the word has been typed, and almost never tries to guess the next word.

Is there an alternative, Swiftkey style virtual keyboard that works well with the Pro?
The reason autocorrect is so bad on the SP is that it is designed for professionals. It underlines your misspellings so you can fix them but if it autocorrects heavily you may not notice an unintended word that can cause a problem.

Believe me you are better off.
Auto correct maybe isn't the best choice but learning predictive text would be very nice. Most of the good keyboards these days use predictive text and MS seems to be very far behind here. Hopefully it is a place app developers will step up if MS doesn't. I am guessing this is probably a pretty low priority for MS.