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Pro X power management


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I just got a Pro X last week, and I am extremely pleased with it overall. My only concern is that I am not getting anywhere near 11-13 hours of battery. I use the Pro X extensively for teleconferencing, and with the camera on continuously the Pro X will run out of steam in about 5 hours. I am also communicating with Teams, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Are there any tips for getting more time between charges?


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Hi, @BillJ ,

I am surprised you get 5 hours with all that electronic workload on your Surface Pro X. Battery ratings certainly were not based on power-power users like yourself

You sound like a homeowner who has all lights and appliances (including hair dryers) running, but want tips on how to save on electricity costs.
Glad you love that Pro X !


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Thanks, I'll see if I can dial back some of my background applications. I am glad that I got 16GB of RAM, since the Task Manager sometimes show memory running at 70% capacity. All in all, however, this is the perfect device for me- it is light, very mobile, with an excellent keyboard. I do a great deal of digital inking as well. The webcam is 1080p and makes it look like I maintain eye contact with the people on the other end.
I'll just keep the charger handy.
The webcam is 1080p and makes it look like I maintain eye contact with the people on the other end.

“This feature was spotted in the recent Windows Insider build and is compatible with popular video calling services like Skype, Microsoft Teams, and even third-party software like Zoom, Google Meet etc. The Eye Contact feature works in landscape mode only and as per the company, enabling this results in an increased battery drain.

Read more at: Microsoft is using AI to make your video calls engaging – though there’s a catch
Thanks, this helped. I found the link to the ARM64 Teams client in an article on Windows Central. I think I got the x86 version from the link at the MS store. That seems a bit weird.

Glad you found a solution. These small things can be so annoying at times.